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Couple Visiting Washington Recreates 'Twilight' Scenes With Their Shih-Tzu and We're Here for It

We love people who aren't afraid to have a little fun with their pets. Including one woman on TikTok, who was cracking her kids up with the incredible movie recreations she was making with the family dog. Hmmm, we think we see an Oscar in the future. 

The hilarious footage was shared by TikTok creator @notjoeykingbabes, who probably had no idea that his mom and their Shih-Tzu were so talented. Take a look at their version of Twilight below!

"My mom and dad are in Washington and have been recreating Twilight scenes and sendin' them in the family group chat with no context," he explained in the video's text overlay. 

Okay, this is too funny. Between Mom playing Edward and their poor dog playing Bella — we honestly think this is the best thing on the internet we've ever seen! The footage has since been watched over 934,000 times, which seems to indicate that other people loved it too. "God I can only hope to be this funny as a parent," @beanpocket wrote in the comments section. "Formally requesting the baseball scene," @yikes838 added. "I think you accidentally posted the movie clip???" @lizthompson998 joked."Are your mom and dad looking for a new daughter? I’m a doctor and I have my own house," @charmcityflat wondered.

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And yep, we agree. We would definitely take these two as our parents if it meant we'd get hilarious videos like these!

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