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Cockatoos' Precious Game of 'Peek-a-Boo' Is the Content We're Here For

It's always so adorable playing peek-a-boo with little kids. We love how such an easy game makes them giggle nonstop. And now, after watching this clip from TikTok user @housechickens, we apparently need to start playing peek-a-boo with our pets. 

The recent video shows two Cockatoo birds playing peek-a-boo together. One of the birds is on the couch and the woman in the clip keeps covering that bird with the blanket. The reaction from both birds when she opens the blanket back up is absolutely priceless. Check it out!

Stop it! Is this real life!? Both of their reactions each time the woman revealed the Cockatoo under the blanket are absolutely precious. It's like they're both laughing together. And then the jumps just mean they want to keep playing. LOL! 

"Best game of hide and seek ever!!!!!!!" wrote @charlottethomas93. Oh by far this is the best game! @jendoinglife added, "Omg I would never leave the house again." SAME! And it sounds like other TikTokers are thinking the same thing. @ivankarapeev3 commented, "Damn definitely need one of these. Stay all day at home and have fun." We know what we'll be asking for this Christmas. Ha!

Another TikTok user, @shearproof, said, "I am cackling." We're all cracking up from this clip! It's just like when we play with kids. Their reactions and laughter are what make the game so fun for us! We'd never get sick of this. 


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