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Unboxing Video of Woman's New Little Black Kitten Is the Gift That Keeps on Giving

A trend you've probably seen on social media is something called unboxing or hauls. It's when people record themselves opening a package they got. It's cool to see the different clothes someone purchased, but one thing is for certain, none of those videos will ever top this one from TikTok user @savannag_gamblin

The package she was opening had holes on the side. That's not normal. What on earth could be in there? Her black cat even came over to investigate. And to both our surprise and the cat's is the cutest little thing ever.

O.M.G. A tiny black kitten?! We were not expecting that at all so talk about an amazing surprise! @kentuckyfriedborger wrote, "Purrfect name for a purrfect cat☺️🐱😻." Right? Azul is so beautiful and so fitting. We're pretty sure it will be impossible to ever top this unboxing.

"Best unboxing ever," said @emilycreatescurls. Retweet! The surprise, the cuteness, just absolutely everything was perfect. Sorry, we mean purrfect! "Never in my life did I expect an unboxing of a cat 😳 very good 😃," added @ForeverKar_. Neither did we! But now we'll be expecting it a lot more often. LOL! 

We can't stop laughing at @jaytreaz1's comment that reads, "Is that me?" The older black cat totally thought he was looking in a mirror. No, not you, just your mini you and your new best friend! And we can't wait to see more of these two!


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