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'Unfriendly' Horse's Unbreakable Bond With 3-Year-Old Is Just Beautiful

We always feel bad when animals get labels that say they're aggressive or unfriendly because, in a way, people start to look down on them. That just completely breaks our hearts. We don't like to use those words because who knows, maybe they just need a little extra love. 

That's what happened with the Appaloosa Horse that TikTok user @maemorr bought. Apparently, this beautiful horse was labeled as unfriendly. That might've been the case, but the horse quickly found someone to confide in and you won't believe who it is. Grab a tissue for this clip! 

Ugh, our hearts are just bursting with joy and happy tears are streaming down. An 'unfriendly' horse becoming besties with a 3-year-old is just beyond beautiful. Some might not have expected it, but for us, we know that children love everyone and everything so we're not that surprised! 

"He waited for her. Soul tied by the universe. Her heart horse in every life," commented @missbunbun87. The universe has a funny way of working. It knew that these two needed each other and here they are, a couple of besties. @user3864271070786 added, "He is her protector. He has been waiting on his person...sweet little horse whisper." Yes! We believe he was always friendly, just needed his person to show him the way. 

@conservativesears said, "Oh my that almost made me tear up when it laid its head against her. Love can conquer all." Right!? That melted our hearts completely. It was just proof that this horse truly loves this little girl. We can't wait to see more of these two! 


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