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UPS Driver Shows Off Dogs on His Route and People Are Loving It

There's an old rumor that delivery people and dogs don’t mix. But that’s just not true! In fact, one UPS driver is sharing the dogs that he often sees on his delivery route online, and people on TikTok just can’t get enough. 

The delivery driver, Travis Zander (@tmzand), put together a montage of the adorable pups (plus a pair of goats!) and shared it online. “POV you’re a UPS driver in Montana,” he wrote in the video’s text overlay. The montage shows Zander greeting several dogs, and their reaction to him is so sweet! That could be because Zander always has a treat handy and seems like a genuinely nice guy. “Hi buddy, how are ya’?” he asked one dog in the footage. He even knows some of the dogs by name!

The video has since been watched over 180,000 times and people were touched by Zander’s charming relationship with the dogs. “This video couldn’t be long enough. Dogs are the universal language we all get,” @xxmar1noxx. “I’m so jealous. Thanks for being nice to the doggos,” @joseph0398 added. “Some of them are so gentle when it comes to grabbing the treat, my heart,” @andreea_ursu commented. “So many different personalities, I love it!” @georgiabearheart chimed in.

Another commenter couldn’t get over one part of the video in particular. “THE GOATS!!” @katyhaufler exclaimed. 

Zander seems to have the best job in the world — or at the very least, the absolute best co-workers. We're sure that he loves getting to see all of the animals on his route and learn their little quirks. Or as commenter @savpeters put it: "I would be a UPS driver just for this."