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UPS Driver Spotted Escorting Wild Turkeys Through Busy Intersection

It can be very stressful to see wild animals venturing near areas with heavy vehicle traffic. There's a lot of concern about the safety of the animals, who may get hit by a car and cause a traffic accident. One man tried to do his part to ensure the safety of some wild animals in an act of heroism that's going viral.

TikTok user @darlakder recently shared a video of three wild turkeys crossing the street with a special escort. In the video, a UPS driver uses his truck to block oncoming traffic and usher the turkeys safely to the other side of the road. Check out the video to see how this rescue mission went down!

OMG, this is awesome! We love the creative way he was able to ensure the safety of the other drivers and the turkeys, and it's great that he took the time to do this. We need more people like this good samaritan!

People in the comments are praising this UPS driver for his act of goodwill. @moonoveryou9 said, "Very thoughtful! Good human," and @user4108402161304 commented, "Adorable. Thank you for caring!" We should strive to do as this man did and take the time out of our day to help those around us!

Others thought this was a humorous scene and cracked some jokes. @harlandidrickson commented, "Talk about on-time delivery," and @lesaspieces said, "That’s probably the funniest thing I have ever seen." It must have been a crazy sight for the others in the area to witness!

We are so glad that these turkeys has the UPS driver to help them safely cross the road. This seemed like a busy intersection, and we hate to think about what might have happened if they tried to cross without their escort!

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