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Cat’s Precious Reaction to Her Owner Returning to Their Van Couldn’t Be Sweeter

Cats aren't exactly known for their kind, appreciative demeanors, but that doesn't mean they're not happy to see you. One TikToker who's living the van life with her partner and cat wanted to show the Internet exactly that. Whenever @fastfamvan returns to her vehicle, her hilariously-named feline is always there to greet her. 

Big Chungus, or "Chungy" as she is affectionately known, is one vocal cat. She welcomes her mama back to the van with the most adorable chirps, but now it's posted on TikTok for us all to enjoy. Just listen to her!

In our opinion, all homes should have an animal who greets you when you're home, but Big Chungus is one of the best welcoming committees we've ever seen. She's punctual, polite, and has all the makings of a wonderful hostess.

Commenters surely agree. "I would love to open the door and see that cute cat," notes @ananiqut, though @fastfamvan's reply made us smile even more: "best part of the day." How could it not be?

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If you listen closely to Big Chungus's little chirps, you just might hear something that sounds more human than feline. "i swear to god she said “welcome, home!” @sarah.oma commented. With over 2 thousand likes and 8 replies, she's not the only one to think so. Her last chirp almost sounds like "hi," too!

As precious as this video clip is, it also gives an interesting, educational look into living in a van alongside a pet. Viewer @atb.1235 asked whether the couple "keep[s] a bell or a little jingle thing so [they] know where she is", to which they answered yes, they do. 

"She has a tag with our info on there," @fastfamvan began, "& the bell that came with her collar! (but I’ve seen contradictory info about the bell so might take that off)." Other comments expressed interest in van temperature control, feline GPS, and Chungy's trips outside the van, so it's safe to say the trio will be back with more videos!

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