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Day-in-the-Life Video of Van Life Dog Makes Us So Envious

Ever since the pandemic hit and we were forced to the confines of our homes, many people got creative. People bought vans, converted them into tiny living spaces and hit the road as full-time van lifers.

TikTok user @courtandnate and their Doberman is an example of one of those who decided to live life in their van. But it wasn't just the two of them. They decided to bring their dog named Tonkins. And this recent clip shows just exactly how their dog lives in this small space. All we know is that he lives a better life than we do!

O.M.G. We’re so, SO jealous of this adventure pup. Look at Tonkins. He’s absolutely loving this lifestyle and we can’t blame him. How can we trade places with Tonkins?!

“The dog sees more of the world than me but it’s okay I’m fine,” wrote @ella.stx1. Update, she was not fine. LOL! We totally understand because it’s true. Tonkins is truly seeing the world better than most. At least we know he’s soaking it all in. “Honestly living his best life. You’ve truly blessed him and I’m sure he blesses you both,” added @rnl5. Oh, we believe that with our whole hearts!

Another TikTok user, @sakirito_, commented, “So well-behaved! Y’all did amazing training him.” You can say that again! As much as we want to do this with our dogs, there’s no way they’d be as well-behaved as Tonkins the van boy. Tonkins was made for this lifestyle!

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