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Video of Veteran Bringing Treats to Shelter Dogs Melts Our Hearts

This world needs more people like Bob. We don't know much about this hero, but @sweetbuffalototherescue posted the most adorable video of the Veteran feeding treats to shelter dogs. If you ask us, that's all we need to know!

As the kindhearted gentleman takes time to greet each and every pup, we can practically feel the appreciation in the animals' eyes. We have a feeling it meant a lot to Bob, too!

This guy is seriously the best. He's so sweet and gentle with the pups, and we're sure it makes their day! We hope he knows how many others are touched by his act of kindness, too.

"This is so beautiful," said commenter @slarosa22. "Seriously put this man in a Milk Bone commercial. He’s dedicated his life to being a hero. God bless you Bob." We love the commercial idea! This could bring a tear to any dog lover's eye--and who wouldn't love a kind soul like Bob?

@Toph 2127 gushed, "Bob is everything right with the world. When you want to know if someone is a good person simply ask them if they like animals if they say no you have your answer." We couldn't have said it better ourselves! A friend of an animal's is a friend of ours.

@Bamabengal made a great point when he said, "that man understands loneliness and pain and is doing all he can to alleviate it." As much as we hope that's not the case, it probably is. Maybe the dogs are helping him as much as he's helping them!

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