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Thailand Veterinary Team Rushes to Save Mother And Baby Elephant In Harrowing Video

News stories gain online traction for many reasons, from cuteness to horror and everything in between. This story out of Thailand, though, has viewers holding their breath in suspense.

A viral video from a national park in Thailand's Nakhon Nayok Province shows the incredible efforts of veterinary staff as they work to save a pair of distressed elephants. The rescue faced many obstacles from the very start, but the team, which included veterinary workers as well as national park staff,  never once ceased their efforts to get the mother and her calf to safety.

The struggle began when the calf fell into a drainage hole and could not get out on its own. As staff came to rescue the baby, the mother became increasingly agitated and had to be sedated herself. Unfortunately, she also fell into the hole and needed to be lifted out, but as they used a crane to move her she lost consciousness and needed to be revived. Sound scary yet? Just wait until you see the video.

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We were simply heartbroken watching the calf crying out after falling! No wonder the mama was so distressed--we weren't even there and our heart was pounding. Fortunately, though, the talented, hardworking veterinary staff were able to revive her.

"Grateful to the veterinarian and the park staff for saving both the mother and baby elephant," commented Connie Murray. "So great to read good news for a change!" We couldn't agree more. As happy as this story's ending is, it seems pretty miraculous, too. If CPR on a human is difficult to perform, we can only imagine the strength it takes to do elephant CPR.

Denise Whitney said, "So happy they were able to save these gorgeous animals. Great job. Never seen elephant CPR before. They were hero's there." They certainly were! The amount of effort that was put into this rescue goes to show what caring handlers these folks are. 

We absolutely love what Shannon Anne Carter wrote in the comments. "I'm over here BAWLING," she began. "THIS is how you treat elephants (and all other animals)." We couldn't have said it better ourselves!

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