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Mama Cow's Reaction to Reuniting With Her Grown Baby Is Simply Irresistible

A Tennessee farm has found its way to our TikTok feed and we couldn't be more excited. Known as @hollywoodheifers, the TikTok creator shares videos about the farm, its animals and what a typical day is like. More particularly, the life of heifer cows, hence the name. Although, there are some dogs and goats mixed in too. What we didn't expect was to cry from the cuteness of one of these videos! 

The clip that captured our hearts shows the most perfect reunion between a mama cow and her not-so-little baby. Willie was out roaming the field by himself, or so he thought. While he was running around, he saw another cow out on the field. The two of them greet each other, hesitantly, but not for long. You'll be able to spot the moment when they made the connection that they were mother and son and trust us, it's irresistible! 

Aww! We can't believe how quickly they realized who each other were. It's as if one sniff was enough because instantly their tails start wagging, a very good sign. @crrizzy1 said, "You can see when he recognized her. ❤️❤️❤️." Yes! We're so happy these two found their way back to each other. 

Mama was probably astonished at how grown her baby boy is. "He says, 'Mom look how strong I am now,'" wrote @Madison LaQua. Aww! He totally was showing off at how much he grew. @Ali Martzke Kramer added, "Omg! The face snuggling between them just melts my heart! ❤️." It's melting all of our hearts! They'll never leave each other's sides again. 

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The only reason why this video makes us sad is what @Madeleine Chalk said. The comment reads, "This made me so sad that cows can’t hug😭." Aww! So true. A hug would've made this that much sweeter. But we think what they did was their version of a hug! 

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