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Dog's Hilarious Reaction to Bubbles Is Quickly Taking Over TikTok

Sometimes there's no rhyme or reason why certain things gross you out. For some people it's touching dirty dishes in the sink, while for others it's wearing your outside clothes on the bed. Even dogs have certain things that just give them creeps, like one Viszla on TikTok, who went viral for her absolute hatred of bubbles. 

It might seem strange to hate bubbles, but we have to respect that it's just Sanda's truth. According to the video on her page @sandavizsla, her mama just happened to capture the reaction the pup has every time someone pulls the old bubble gun out. "She's a 10 but she's weirded out by bubbles," the video's text overlay states. The footage shows Sanda before the bubbles came out — and then after. Her expression is too hilarious! 

Yep, that is the face of someone who has a serious case of the ick. 

With over 9.8 million views, Sanda's bubble video is an absolute hit. "The air is wrong," @taffyleefubbinss joked, as if reading Sanda's mind. "The face I make passing people in the grocery store," @makmallios wrote. "Literally had no idea what to expect when you chose the words weirded out but those were the perfect words," @minecraftuser71 teased. "Immediately no, immediately no," @callme_courtney quipped. 

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If you need more of Sanda and her hatred of bubbles, her owner shared a follow up video of Sanda being serious perplexed. "I'm not addicted to confusing my dog with bubbles," the video's text overlay states. And yep, it's just as funny the second time. "Oh yeah, she makes other faces," the video's caption states.

Welp, at least we know what not to get Sanda for Christmas.

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