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Video Sharing the Perks of Working at an Animal Shelter Has Us Sold

People who work and volunteer at animal shelters are total heroes. The hours are long, the work is exhausting and sometimes downright heartbreaking. Mucking out kennels, walking dogs, working with aggressive animals and sometimes aggressive humans who are adopting or surrendering an animal can be hard and frustrating. 

But any shelter worker can tell you that they wouldn't do anything else, and that there are boundless rewards to giving your workday over to animals-in-need. Plus, there's an added bonus featured in this insanely adorable video @Aharrisphoto shared. 

Awwww! You love to see it! Albert Harris posted "These are just one of the perks of working at animal services is the unlimited time with puppies. They are all indeed precious!" @Natalie agrees commenting, "YES PERFECTION!" @Hisokawife18 says what we all are thinking, "I would want to take ‘em all home!" @Jenelle replies, "Precious!" 

Between finding a beautiful animal their forever home and getting to cuddle stray puppies, you can take this as your sign that if you have free time there's probably a shelter in your area that could use your help. Just remember to post lots of adorable videos for us! 

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