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Woman's Vulture Guests Are Totally Freaking People Out

If you thought your house was haunted, just wait until you see what's going on at this TikTok user's house. It may have nothing to do with spirits or monsters, but if that were our home we'd be out of there ASAP. 

In a series of recent videos, @xollos_x documents the group of vultures who've made themselves comfy outside her home. She quickly figured out that they'd stayed for longer than it takes to hunt, but she couldn't find any reason they'd stick around. Just to give you some perspective, these birds have been living in her yard for weeks. Weeks! And they weren't just nesting nearby, either; these birds were interested in Xollos herself. Creeped out yet? 

Yeah--no thanks. We'd be hiring a realtor immediately if we were in her shoes. Judging by the TikTok comments, though, we aren't alone. Viewers are equally freaked out and fascinated by these feathered visitors, and honestly, we don't know how to feel.

"My paranoid self would be at my doctor's going, 'Um...can you run some tests and check me out real good? Like all of them? No reason...'" confessed @donsmith250. Us, too! Call us superstitious, but we can't help feeling like something is going on here. 

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Luckily, top comment owner @sophiastrain88 has it all figured out. "They have been trying to reach you about your cars extended warranty😂," she said. LMAO! If that's the case, she'd better let them know she's not interested sooner rather than later, because clearly ignoring them isn't working.

"I’m Navajo. 4 is a sacred number, all good things come in 4," explained @carsy770. "Perhaps they are trying to give you a message? They seem curious&comfortable. Give water." That's so cool! The original poster replied that she did what @carsy770 suggested, and sure enough, the birds got comfy for a while. 

@Xollos_x's account is full of updates that are actually kind of spooky. We may never know whether the birds are protectors, messengers, or just scavengers, but we do know that this whole thing is positively chilling. That's quite enough for us! 

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