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Women's Reaction to Finding Unwelcome Visitor in Their Chimney Is Just Priceless

Living in rural areas can lead to some unique interactions with nature, so people who live in these areas aren't usually surprised by these occurrences. However, one family received quite the surprise when one unusual animal made its way inside their house.

TikTok user @hairyfarmpitgirls lives on a farm in Georgia, and they recently shared a video of an issue they were having in their house. In the video, they said that something has been making noise in the chimney for the last three days, so they decided to investigate. Check out the video to see what shocking visitor was pulling a Santa Claus in the chimney!

OMG, that was a vulture! This was definitely not what they were expecting when they decided to take apart the chimney. We can't even begin to imagine how we would react in this situation!

People in the comments found this hilarious. @fiona_tenacious_g said, "Let's call animal control was the smartest thing said in this video LOL," and @michaelingham198 commented, "This plan was not well thought out! LOL!" Perhaps it would have been better to take the chimney outside before freeing the animal!

Others have experienced similar occurrences with animals in their chimney, but not with something as big or dramatic as a vulture! @freedom_loving_american commented, "We usually end up with flying squirrels in ours, never a vulture LOL," and @bookishwyrmn said, "I get birds in my wood stove pipe frequently. Sparrows usually, nothing as cool as a freaking VULTURE!" We don't think anyone ever expects to encounter a vulture in their house!

Unfortunately, there's no explanation as to how they got the vulture out of the house, but in another video, this user shows us that the vulture has been hanging around the house, almost like a guard. It seems like it may be thankful for the rescue!

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