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Video Showing the Reality of Waking Up With a Golden Retriever Makes Us LOL

A woman on TikTok has us cracking up after documenting the way she gets up in the morning with her Golden Retriever. You could definitely say that Arrow doesn't like to get out of bed. Thankfully, the pup mama got the whole thing on camera and now we all get to relish in the pair's morning routine. 

Clearly this wasn't the first time that TikTok creator Amelia (@theanxiousmess_) had trouble getting Arrow out of bed, but it definitely was the funniest. "POV: waking up in the morning with my Golden Retriever," the video's text overlay reads. The footage shows Arrow's unusual way of waking up his mama — sitting on her. The pup didn't even seem to notice that his owner was just a bit smushed. "No care in the world," the text overlay reads. When Amelia tried to move Arrow off of her, the pup had the most hilarious reaction. Take a look!

"Just an average morning with a Golden…" Amelia joked in the caption. 

Other people could feel the dog mama's pain and the video has since been watched over 4 million times. "Girl whatever your plans are, cancel them," @brooklynd960 joked in the comments section. "I would never get out of bed. Snuggles for life," @lacey8944 added. "I love how aggressively they insist on cuddling LOL," @theesirphillip chimed in. "Sorry I can’t come to work I’m being squashed," @mizzshawni teased. 

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Later on the page, Amelia shared a second video of her and Arrow getting up in the morning. We think it went better than the first time, but it's a little hard to tell....

"Some days I suffocate less…" she joked in the caption.

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