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Video of Bunny Happily Enjoying His Bedtime Salad Has Everyone Obsessed

Everyone likes a little late night snack. Even one rabbit from Cleveland, Ohio named Walter, whose adorable late night nibbles have caught the attention of the internet. People couldn't get enough of the bunny as he ate something light before bed. Watching this bunny eat before bed is so relatable!

Sweet Walter was caught on camera by his owner, Marni, as he chomped away on his favorite snack. "Every night Walter gets a bedtime salad, however, this is the first time I've seen him lick his lips," his owner @itswalterhops wrote in the video's onscreen caption. We guess it must have been delicious.

"Lip smackin' good," the video's caption jokes. 

So many people in the comments section were swooning over this video of Walter chowing down. "Oh my gracious! I love it. I can't get enough Walter," @flypastthesun gushed, "He is the cutest! I could watch him all day!!" @kristenjones9270 added. "He’s a loud muncher!! A super cute one tho," @loriandmarcus chimed in. "He is just the cutest, love his little crunching," @amychurchashcraft agreed. 

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However, commenter @kimofqueens427 really said it best: "I’d give him whatever his little bunny heart desires."

If you need even more Walter, another video on his page shows him eating some hay. And yes — it's so darn adorable. "Oh hay there," his owner joked in the caption. 

We could totally watch Walter eat all day long! But thankfully, these clips are just enough for us to get a daily dose of cuteness. 

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