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Video of Cat Staring Longingly at a Bag of Cheese Is All Too Relatable

Few foods are as universally loved as cheese. It's delicious, it's versatile, and you can eat it right out of the package in those moments a snack just can't wait. It's so good, in fact, that our pets love it too.

Just ask Walter, the floofy orange cat who's melting hearts with his love for cheese. On his TikTok account, which has already amassed over 2 million followers, his human posted a video proving that he really does think just like any other hungry being. The way he stares down this bag of cheese is just too relatable. We feel you, Walter! 

Oh, sweet boy, we feel your pain! We had the exact same first thought as every other viewer (just give the baby some cheese!!) but then we saw his owner's sad but hilarious comment. 

"Unfortunately, Walthazar can't eat cheese because it leads to poopy pantaloons, so they have decided to be in a long distance relationship." LMAO! We've never related so closely to a cat on such a spiritual--and dietary--level. 

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Clearly, we're not the only ones. "HES SO CUTE I CAN UNDERSTAND HIM," wrote @idklol1456. 

"Cheese just has us feeling some type of way 😂," Walter's mama replied. That, it most certainly does! What wouldn't we do for cheese? (Hint: not much.)

Apparently, this is a regular occurrence at Walter's house. His human revealed that when "food comes out, Walter hops on his stool" just like he's doing in this clip. "He said 'I have arrived at the table." @hannahgirl15 joked. "Please. Give me food.' 😂," If cats could speak, that's exactly what he'd be saying!

As much as he'd love to, Walter and his lactose-loathing tummy won't be indulging anytime soon. "Unfortunately," commented @artsy_owl_, "it’s nacho cheese Walter 🥺" Aw! We can only hope that this sweet kitty finds another snack he loves just as much. When he does, his 2 million followers will surely be the first to know. 

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