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Video of Bunny Dining ‘Al Fresco’ Is the Cutest Thing We’ve Seen All Day

The best part of the weather getting warmer is that you can finally start enjoying meals outside. Something about having dinner outside with the setting sun makes anything taste 100 times better. We don't know why, it just does. It's a fact! And apparently, we aren't the only ones who believe dining 'al fresco' is better! 

One very well-trained indoor bunny, who we've fallen in love with before, is once again stealing our hearts. Known as @itswalterhops on TikTok, Walter usually enjoys his life roaming around free inside. But like humans, one can only stay inside for so long. So Walter's owner decided to let him enjoy the outdoors, putting his excellent table manners to the test. Check out the clip to see if Walter is hoppy about eating dinner outside! 

Oh boy, are we jealous of Walter! He has inspired us to make dinner plans outdoors this weekend. 

Needless to say, TikTok can’t get enough of this precious bunny. “It’s good to know he is living his best life thanks to one very loving human,” said @cherylamico. Walter’s human takes such great care of him. We don’t even get to enjoy the outside this often! @robertshows6 added, “Oh boy. Walter is spoiled and everyone enjoys it.” We will happily watch Walter get spoiled any day of the week. “He looks very glamorous with the wind blowing through his hair,” wrote @PublicHarlot. Fashionable, eating outdoors with A1 service, Internet icon. Walter is GOALS.

For any other bunny owner that wants to try this out, there are a few safety tips Walter's owner mentioned in another video. 

The weather is safe for bunnies between 55 and 75 degrees as they can overheat. You also need to provide shelter so they feel safe from prey. Other than that, we’re wishing hoppy times for your bunnies outside!