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Video of Bunny Sprawled Out Watching TV Like a Human Kid Couldn't Be More Precious

Having a bunny means there’s always something crazy going on. Not only are they absolutely adorable, but they’re surprisingly funny too. An English Angora rabbit on TikTok upped the cuteness ante in a recent video his mom shared. Three words; Bunny. Watching. TV. Our hearts are bursting already!

We've actually written about Walter the rabbit before, most recently, when he was seen patiently waiting for his breakfast. He's just the cutest! Walter is what’s known as a cage-free rabbit. Meaning that when he’s home, he has the full run of the house. In a recent video taken by his owner Marni @itswalterhops, that meant having a little “me time.” “Does he by any chance lay like a frog? My English Angora would do it all the time,” a commenter had asked. To which, Marni showed Walter just maxin’ and relaxin’ in front of the TV. “It’s called a sploot!” she wrote.

Can you even? Walter’s little “sploot” won over so many people online. “That is the cutest thing ever!!” wrote @toni_0890. “Is he watching TV? Just too dang cute,” @paula_jean12 agreed. “That's exactly how I watch TV,” @jenwylie joked.

And some people shared that their pets love to sploot, too. “Oh my gosh, so cute! My mini long-haired Dachshund watches TV like this, too!” @njwonderwoman exclaimed. “I loveeee when mine does that heheh sooo cuteeeee,” chimed in. “My bunny watches TV too! I thought he was just laying there but if u change the channel he will get up or death stare u this is too funny,” @kathyhendrix143 joked.

And someone else wondered what it was that Walter was watching? “This was Outlander…the music is what attracts him,” Marni explained. Oh yes, *ahem* that's why we watch Outlander, too.