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Video of Water Buffalo Sweetly Snuggling a Small Child Is Touching People's Hearts

TikTok user @farmer_erin, a farmer and rancher based out of Missouri, recently shared a video that will be sure to start your weekend off right. And it's with an animal you probably wouldn't guess. At least we weren't expecting this! 

The video shows a water buffalo lying down, relaxing during a milking. A water buffalo?! That's already so amazing. But it wasn't just this TikToker out on the field for the milking. Her little kid joined her and the water buffalo clearly loved it. The relationship between the small child and this gentle giant will melt all your worries away! 

Be still our hearts! These two are absolutely adorable together. The snuggling between them is one of the most precious things we've ever seen. We're so in love, especially because you would never expect it. At least we didn't! Was anyone else surprised like us?! 

We think the perfect way to describe this buffalo is a gentle giant. Or better yet, @rowdyrooster000 put it as, "A powerful beast with so much love!" Exactly! It's always so refreshing to see huge animals being such cuddle bugs. And she clearly loved the little kid. @KayRic37 said, "She's like, 'You're not mine but I'll keep you 😂.'" LOL! That's just the motherly instinct she has. "The softness in her eyes. She knows," commented @Tessa Altman. See, mothers can love ones that aren't even their little ones!

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We have to applaud the little kid too. @Katy Weisberg wrote, "I love how he watched his step and saw that he almost stepped on her leg so he made an adjustment." Aww! This is a sign of good parenting. He knows how to be gentle around animals. Now, let's see more of this beautiful relationship!

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