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Couple Hires a 'Dog Sitter' for Their Wedding an the Photos Are Just Epic

When people get married, they usually want to be surrounded by their closest friends and family. For pet owners, this includes their beloved fur babies who are never left out of special events. This is how one couple felt, which is why they took an extra special step to include their dog in their wedding day.

TikTok user @alyssa.lenore recently shared a video where she discussed a special service they hired for their wedding: a dog sitter! In the video, this user explains what the dog sitter did to include their Bichon Frise, Wade, in the festivities, and it is awesome. Check out the video to see how Wade stole the show at his parents wedding!

Wow, this is awesome! We love all the photos of Wade that were taken by the pet sitter—he posed perfectly in all of them. This is such a special way to include one of the most important members of your family!

People in the comments were loving this idea and wanted to use it for their wedding day. @funfetti_t said, "I didn’t even think this existed. I can just imagine him having his own photo album called Pictures with Mom and Dad on Our Big Day.” Another user, @pauugar, commented, "OMG, I’m planning on doing the same thing so my dog can be in the wedding." We definitely need to do this with our pups when we get married!

Others were amazed at how well these photos turned out. @tiffmb28 commented, "This is the best thing I’ve ever seen. The POV had me dying. I’m so happy this exists and you shared this with the world." Another user, @shopacrasia said, "This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen." These photos are going to be so lovely to look back on in the future!

We love the idea of incorporating dogs into wedding ceremonies. Your pets are like your children, and they deserve a place in the party! Hopefully more people start doing this, because a dog would instantly make any wedding better.

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