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People Are Obsessed With a Weimaraner Puppy Who Won’t Stop ‘Talking’ After Birth

Those first few minutes after delivery are so special. You finally get to meet your baby and see their personality for the first time. That's even true for animals. Like a Weimaraner puppy on TikTok, who's received the sweetest reaction from the internet after video of them "talking" went viral online.

The puppy's first words were captured by their mother Ashley, or @k9trainerashley as she goes by online. Like any proud dog-mom, the TikTok creator probably took tons of videos of her newborn puppies. But there's a clear reason why this one is a winner. "Little Weimaraner puppy has a LOT to talk about at five days old," she wrote in the video's caption. "Story time!" she joked. We can't get enough of those tiny puppy sounds. Don't worry little guy, we're all ears!

The comments section was completely onboard for this puppy's chatter. "He makes a compelling point I say we make him Prime Minister," @just_getting_by_i_guess joked. "*Dramatic gasp* OMGG I can't believe that happened to you!" @lemonadelairmore teased. While another commenter really picked up on what the pup was (probably) saying. "My eyes don't work, the lunch line is too long, these pillows keep moving and one of 'em smells weird..." @tonymitty wrote. "Such a talkative puppy," @nyxxcc14 chimed in.

Although Ashley better watch out or she could end up like one commenter, "Mine is 3 years old and still has a lot to say," @dawnbauman95 commented.

Thankfully, dogs are pretty cute even when they're talking up a storm. It's probably safe to say that we don't think Ashley will mind if her little guy never grows out of his "talking" phase.