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Cat's Insistence on Washing Roll of Tape Is Ridiculously Cute

Why are cats so weird? Never mind, you can't answer that, neither can we, we all just need to accept the fact that on occasion cats do something so bizarre and ridiculous that scientists could never explain this behavior in a gazillion years. 

Case in point, this cat belonging to TikTok account @Domesroams. Domes, a beautiful black cat, insists on doing something so absurd in the following video we can't even begin to guess what this weirdo cat is thinking. It's just hilariously odd. 

Welp, thanks cat for giving that tape a bath, glad you took care of that! @Snow comments, "He looks at it like it’s supposed to do something!" LOL! Yes, I put the tape in the water bowl and then tah-dah, it turns into a pile of yummy fish! Who knows what this crazy cat is thinking? @Kolten has an interesting theory, posting "Theres actually a reason cats do that, they see their food/water bowls as “safe areas” and keep their most prized possessions in those safe areas!" Love it! Now that roll of tape is totally safe! @Alexandria says "Glad we can all agree cats are mystical creatures no one can quite figure out." 

Too true! The comment about dafe areas makes sense but we still aren't sure why this tape is such a prized possession. Cats, love them, can't figure them out for the life of us! 

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