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Video of Lykoi Cat Mowing Down Popcorn Is All of Us at the Drive-In

Lykoi cats are so cool and distinct looking. With less than 150 of these werewolf cats in the world it's always such a treat to see one in its natural habitat like.. umm.. going to the movies and eating popcorn. Okay, so that's not their natural habitat, but due to their short-fur and bald areas, the Lykoi should be kept as an indoor cat and the drive-in movie is close enough. 

TikTok user @Chupiedoesntgiveameow posted a super cute video of her unusual looking cat enjoy a movie. He's just too cool looking! 

@Commander_31 posts something we think most of us can agree with, "I wouldn’t get a glance at the movie… too much fun feeding kitty popcorn." We just love the way he ravenously goes for it. @ Rob comments, "Man I hate a cat that steals food but I LOVE Chupie!" Us too! @Theladydothpersist says, "Chupie attacked the popcorn the same way I do!" Popcorn is the best, no doubt. 

I think everyone had the same reaction to what we think is the best part of the video, with @Wendy posting, "The way he was tucked in and taking such a good sleep!" Yes, little cuddle bunny all tuckered out after attacking all that popcorn. We just love this werewolf baby too much! 

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