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Video of Westie Dog Watching the Queen's Final Ride Through Edinburgh Brings Us to Tears

News shocked the world as Queen Elizabeth II passed last week. She was the longest reigning monarch in British history. And over the last few days, people were paying their respects as her coffin traveled through Scotland and England before arriving in London on Tuesday. During the travel, thousands of people took to the streets to watch her final journey. But it wasn't just people lining the streets watching.  

You can probably guess children were also in the streets. But that's not all. As it turns out, doggos went with their owners and lined the streets as the car drove by. And one of those dogs was TikTok user @theweewhitedug. The clip, which brought us to tears, shows this Westie dog sitting on the side of the street as the car drives by. You're going to need a tissue for this one.  

Aww! This video is especially sweet because of the Queen's love of dogs. Plus, the puppo is sitting so patiently and properly. He must've known someone very important was coming through because he sat like a good boy, staying still and quiet. What a beautiful way to honor the late Queen. 

"She would have liked that," said @ellellelle6. Oh, absolutely! She was a dog lover herself, owning and breeding Corgis. She's probably looking down, grinning ear to ear knowing fur babies were out there paying their respects as well. @beaubrummell3 added, "This makes my heart smile. God bless you. May all her corgis greet her in Heaven." She's definitely enjoying a pup party in heaven! 

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TikTok user @elke_talllulah wrote what most of the world is feeling since her passing. "Dang it. Here I go again with the tears. ❤️," the comment reads. And if you weren't crying before, this video is sure to bring on the waterworks. 

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