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Video of Whale Landing on Top of a Boat in Plymouth, Massachusetts Is Quite the Sight

For most of us a day out on a boat seems like just the thing to help take ours minds off our troubles, right? Well not if you're one group of people off the coast Plymouth, Massachusetts, who were met with a surprise whale visit while out on the water one day. And yeah, the last word you would use to describe the meeting is relaxing.

The miraculous footage was shared on TikTok by the Fox Weather page (@foxweather). It shows the boat floating along on the water, when all of the sudden things took a turn for the utterly bizarre. "Ohhhhh," a voice can be heard saying in the background. 

The whale totally jumped up and belly flopped on top of the boat! "Whoa! A whale landed on a 19-foot boat off the coast of Plymouth, Massachusetts. No injuries were reported but the boat was damaged," the video's caption reads. 

The incredible video has since been watched over 1.8 million times and people everywhere were stunned. "That was personal," @a_king_and_a_laptop joked, before adding two crying-laughing emojis. "Yeah I'ma say that was premeditated," @chrisfishtacospicler teased. "First orcas and now the humpbacks. The whales have decided they don't like us anymore. I don't blame them," @anthroant kidded. "It was probably removing barnacles off of itself," @petebrevard guessed. 

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However we think commenter @imthat54 said it best: "Can you imagine the insurers face as the guy is explaining why he's putting in the claim," he joked. 

Thank goodness no one was hurt. Although we're sure this made one heck of a story back on land.

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