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Dog Dad Shows TikTok Exactly What to Do If a Dog Starts Choking

As a pet parent, it's impossible not to worry about your fur baby. You can be cautious every moment of every day, but even then, accidents are out of your control. Luckily, there are lots of ways you can prepare yourself to intervene should something scary happen to your pup.

In his most recent helpful video, actor/athlete/dog dad Josh Butler shows viewers exactly what to do if their dog starts choking. With the help of one of his Pit Bulls, Roxy, he walks pet parents through the essential, yet easy-to-understand, information. 

If we were you, we'd bookmark this video in case we ever need a refresher--this tutorial is just that important! Even if you never use this knowledge (and we hope you'll never need to), it's always better to be safe instead of sorry.

We're on the exact same page as @monicaco31, who wrote that this is "literally my biggest fear." It makes us emotional just thinking about it! That's why we're oh-so-glad to learn about this Heimlich technique for dogs. You never know who it could help! 

"Damn bro I need dog education so bad," admitted @sexydarkchoco. We all do! Canine first aid isn't talked about nearly enough, in our opinion, so we love that VIP pet parents like Josh are spreading the word. 

The star of this video, though, was Josh's gorgeous helper--Roxy. joked that "Roxy is a payed actor," but, as Josh replied to a similar comment, "she was ready to go to bed." Sounds about right to us!

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