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Video of Dogs in Wheelchairs Enjoying a Stroll on the Beach Gives Us All the Feels

It can be heartbreaking to think about all the sweet animals that are out there struggling with injury or hunger while lacking love and support from a human companion. When you think about how sad this is, it is important to remember the amazing work of those who dedicate their lives to helping these pets, just like the wonderful people in this video. 

In the video posted by @walkin_pets, we see a gaggle of pups in doggy wheelchairs running around on the beach. This group is having the time of their lives splashing around and kicking up sand as they play with one of their caretakers! These pups reside at SFT Animal Sanctuary in Morocco, and we're so happy their get such great care. See the heartwarming video below!

Oh my goodness, every single one of those pups is smiling big. You can just tell they're thrilled to be there! 

People in the comments expressed gratitude for the work their caretakers were doing. @mariatheunderdog said, "Bless you for helping those angels," and @dedeben7 commented, "It is so awesome what you do with these special dogs. You are angels. God bless you." We can certainly say that these workers doing amazing work worthy of the praise!

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Other's expressed how wonderful it was so see these sweet pups continuing to live great lives despite their setbacks. @cravenmoreheadallways commented, "So nice to see all those dogs living their best with what they have!" and @bloodybull6 said, "They are definitely living their best lives! Godspeed!" These pups know how to have a good time!

 We're happy these pups are getting a second chance at life with these doggy wheelchairs, and they are making the most of it!

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