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Reason Why Cats Drool When They Purr Is Just Too Sweet

Dog owners are all too familiar with drool, especially if they live with a breed like the St. Bernard, who are known for major salivation. Cats, though, aren't as famous for drooling--but it can happen! One feline owner took to TikTok to share an adorable fun fact about cat drool, and the comments are positively buzzing. 

We also fact-checked this tidbit from's mama, and it's completely true! Purina agrees about this reason why cats dribble when they purr, but remember--there are other reasons to keep in mind, too. 

Isn't this fun fact so sweet? It's also a little funny to think about a cat purring and drooling at the same time, but the reason behind it is just too pure. They're literally so comforted and mesmerized that they forget to swallow! 

"My cat absolutely SLOBBERS when he's sleepy/happy," shared @mariecooper12. "This is so interesting to know!" Right? We can't help but wonder how many cat parents are learning about this phenomenon for the first time. This doesn't seem to be a super common behavior, but it's not rare either. 

@Fiona_poland asked, "so you're telling me my cat woke me up by drooling on me because he was happy?" LMAO--yep! As annoying as it might seem to wake up to a pile of drool, we hope it helps to know that it's a sign of love. Oddly enough, so is a wet nose while purring!

"My cats nose runs when he’s kneeding sometimes," @stellamayyb said. "I panicked and thought he was sick… turns out he was just SO happy." That's just too cute!

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