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Seeing Tiny Kitten Make 'Biscuits' Is All the Comfort We Need

Ask any cat lover what their favorite time of the day is and they will tell you, it's biscuit time! There's nothing like a purring cat curling up on you and kneading you with their teeny little feet. 

Watch the following video posted by @Fuzziepals___ of a tiny kitten by the name of Jumbo they were babysitting and try not to feel yourself getting drowsy and soothed by this teensy tiny baby! 

Oh how sweet! People in the comments can't get enough of this baby. @Noodlemouse17 says, "Those are probably the best biscuits of all time." @MaryMcCaffery adds, "How cute! The best biscuits ever!" @Tim1999 hilariously comments, "Too young for a job as a biscuit maker." 

The reason cats make biscuits, or knead, is because when a kitten is nursing it kneads its mother's belly to promote lactation. This, in turn, produces oxytocin (The love hormone!) in both the cat and nursing kitten and in a cat no longer feeding off mama, the familiar motion of kneading and nursing actives the pleasure center of their nervous system. So basically, your cat or kitten does this because they are happy. And because it just looks too freaking adorable! 

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