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Couple Sets Up a Watering Hole for Wild Animals During a Heat Wave and People Are So Touched

The summer months are hard on everybody. Between beating the heat, battling wildfires, and facing unprecedented drought, you're far from alone if you're counting down the days until autumn. 

Though there are many people to commiserate about the heat with, we don't often think of the challenges animals face during this time. Fortunately, one TikTok couple is starting a lifegiving trend: setting up a watering hole for wildlife during a heatwave. The best part? It's all from the comfort of their yard! 

@Wildhomesteadliving shows us exactly how it's done in a now-viral video, and they even have an update to prove how helpful this is! Not only is it a rewarding thing for animal lovers to do, but it's seriously easy, too. 

Yep--it's really that simple! All you need is a kiddie pool, a board, and some water to get started. When something so little makes such a big difference, there really is no reason not to do it.

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"I’m hot in this heat, I couldn’t imagine being an animal with all that fur. Thank you," @lorihunter5475 commented. We couldn't have said it better ourselves! Deer and other wildlife must be so grateful to have found this little watering hole. We know we certainly would be. 

By the looks of it, viewer @inquizzzitive would be too. She said, "I love this! I’m so happy to see that you thought to put the ramp in there to prevent littles from drowning! 😇💕." That's one more important detail that makes a world of difference, so don't forget this step if you decide to set up a watering hole of your own.

Our last recommendation? Set up a wildlife camera so you can see who stopped for a sip!

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