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Wild Horses Suddenly Interrupt Dad's Kayak Trip With His Daughter in Scary Video

TikTok user @speederaser was taking his daughter out for a fun day on the river. They love kayaking together on the Salt River near Phoenix, Arizona. According to him, she's already an expert kayaker, but no amount of practice could ever prepare anyone for a surprise they encountered.

What was a seemingly normal day quickly turned out to be something frightening. The water was running much faster than normal on this particular day. As the two of them were coming downstream, wild horses started to cross the river. They saw about 50 that day, but this was the closest they were. The quick water made it difficult for them to slow down. Their ordeal was all captured on video.

Wow, what a frightening but awesome thing to see! We would have no idea what to do in that situation, but she handled it like a pro and listened to her dad! They really were flying down the river. She stayed calm and followed her dad's instructions. Other than being totally scared of running into those horses, we'll bet that is an amazing memory the two of them will never forget. 

@Michele S. said, "Core memory made!" Without a doubt, that's a core memory! She'll remember that moment forever. And luckily, they got it on film because we don't know if we'd believe them if they told us. 

"What a scary but cool experience!" commented @Melanie. The creator responded by saying, "Indeed! For just turning 8 she handled it like a boss. Stayed cool and listened." She did way better than we would have done! @wareagle408 added, "That was scary! Looks like y’all handled it well!" You can say that again!