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Video of Baby Animals Crossing the 'Wildlife Bridge' in Utah Is Warming Hearts

The official TikTok for the Utah Department of Transportation, @utahdot, has shared with us one of the best updates we've ever seen in our life. And actually, it wasn't an update for us because we had no idea this existed. The department built a wildlife overpass in Parley's Canyon and it's absolutely brilliant. 

The department's update showcases a montage of wildlife passing over the bridge, which was built specifically for them. This bridge protects them from the cars racing down the highway. In their latest update, which has over 2.4 million views, you can see all the different types of animals that cross. And they appropriately named the episode "babies of the bridge," so please enjoy!  

Stop it! This is beyond sweet! There are just no words. The fact that the department spent money to build this for the helpless animals is melting our hearts. "Okay Utah I see you," said @shopblossomandbook. And because of this TikTok, the rest of the world is seeing Utah for its genuineness. @Laurajean added, "Utah best idea I've seen in a while thank you for sharing." No seriously, thank you! We just hope the rest of the state departments of transportation are ready because everyone is going to be wanting a wildlife overpass now!

"Yay!!! We need more animal overpasses!" wrote @user9649179049629. Way more than they originally think. The more the merrier! "More. Build a lot more," said @meeewcat. And the demands keep coming from TikTokers. The comment section is flooded with people saying this is where tax money should be going. 

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As far as how the animals are liking it, we'd say it's a process. @zoraiyamagnavox pointed out, "It looks like they’re still learning to trust it. I’m sure the sounds of the highway are nerve-wracking as they cross it but I’m so happy it exists💜." Us too! They'll get used to it as time passes and they feel more comfortable. As long as they have the option to us it, that's all that matters to us! 

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