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Wolf Pup's First Howls Are the Dose of Cuteness We All Need

There's nothing like a baby animal to brighten your day--it's just the truth. Whether it's an encounter you have or just a video you see, there's no way to deny how quickly they'll bring a smile to your (or any) face. 

Since that's the case, we can only imagine the joy the researchers at @voyageurswolfproject feel whenever they catch a cutie on one of their wildlife cameras. This Minnesotan team of wolf experts study the animals in and around Voyageurs National Park, though their TikTok account sometimes features bears as well. This time, though, the app is losing it over this adorable compilation of wolf pup howls--it's some of their very first! 

Aww! Or perhaps we should say "awwoo," in honor of these babies' new howling skills. They're positively precious, especially the sweetie in the first clip who was a bit confused! "He scared himself 😂," @zztops89 commented; isn't it so cute, though? 

We're totally on the same page as @dreadpiratered who wrote, "...ok I get why early humans looked at that and went 'friend 😌' now 🤣 babies 🥰." Haha, that is a pretty wild thing to think about, but we would be 100% unsurprised if cuteness had something to do with it. Perhaps it went something like the way @midnightwerewolf101 imagines it: "*picks up the pups* t... these are mine now *leaves." LMAO! Mama Wolf would not be so happy about that.

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Then again, she may not be thrilled with all this noise either! "They're all like "mooooooOOOOmm!!! when's dinneeeeerrr!!!" @just_a_blueberry wrote. Exactly! It must be a round-the-clock job caring for a pup, but we'd like to think a few howls add some cuteness to their mom's day, too. Just like @becks4477 said, "It’s like the cutest game of Marco Polo."

As it turns out, people aren't the only ones reacting to this sweet post. @_Jordan_rayne_'s pup did, too! "My dog came over with her ears all perked up and stared at the phone," they said. That's too sweet! Honestly, though, we don't blame this pup at all. We'd be curious, too!

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