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Woman's Story of Adopting Her Late Grandparents' Cat Is Beyond Touching

We hate to think about it, but there will come a time when our pets cross over the rainbow bridge. It's the absolute worst part of being a pet owner. But how about if the owner, unfortunately, passes before the pet? That's a situation not talked about enough. We hope those pets don't have to go to a shelter. Although, that might be the case for some and it breaks our hearts.

That's when TikTok user @angrafus3 decided to step in. Her grandfather had a cat named Mackenzie and when he passed, the poor cat was about to be sent to the shelter. This granddaughter couldn't let that happen, especially since the cat has been with her for the majority of her life. It's one of the happiest endings we've ever seen. 

Aww! We're so happy that this granddaughter was able to adopt Mackenzie instead of her going to the shelter. And to see how they've been in each other's lives since this TikToker was little, ugh so cute! "I just love her sass! It's great that you could adopt her," commented @janebatchelor857. LOL! Good to know the cat hasn't changed one bit!

"The way I just BURSTED into tears at the nail salon," wrote @lilmisspipedream. We all burst into tears from watching this! The story is so touching and thoughtful. It's nice to see Mackenzie is in a new loving home and with someone she knows. Beautiful! 

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"This is amazing. People don't think about this enough. Thank you thank you. ❤️❤️," said @amelia blair. Right?! There are probably so many animals that go through this. The trauma of leaving their human, plus going into a shelter after living in a home. We can't even imagine. Luckily, this TikToker was inspired by adopting Mackenzie and decided to do more. She started a nonprofit in Canada to help seniors find homes for their pets before they pass away. And she named it after her grandfather. Check out the TikTok account called @mygrandfatherscat. To date, they've completed over 50 adoptions. How amazing is that?!

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