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Woman Surprises Her Dogs After 1.5 Years in Australia and We Are in Tears

Pet owners know that some of the hardest things we have to do is leave out pets, especially for long periods of time. However, dogs are extremely smart animals and they always remember people. One woman had to leave her dogs for over a year and the result of their reunion is too good.

In the video recently posted on TikTok to @sarahk1992, this woman is reunited with her dogs after spending the last year and a half in Australia. When her two Boxers saw her, they were in disbelief; you could tell they loved and missed their momma. Check out this heartwarming reunion in the video to see all the good reactions.

Aww, this is just so sweet. We know how hard it can be to leave you dogs, and we could never imagine doing it for as long as this woman did! It's clear the love between these dogs and their owner didn't diminish while they were apart.

People in the comments are loving these reactions. @emshelx said, "Oh this melted me," and @stephbutler08 commented, "I’m sorry, but this is the best reaction of them all!" People love reunion videos because it gives us all the lovely feelings inside!

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Others shared their own stories about being apart from their pets for a long time. @carmel576 commented, "What a fabulous reaction. My son has been away for the summer and he is home next week. Our dog has slept on his office chair since he left." This is just so sweet! Another user, @meganmcd96 said, "This will be me leaving my pup in four weeks, I’m dreading that part, but the reunion will be the best feeling." Looking forward to your reunion with your pups will be what keeps you going while you're apart!

Dogs truly are the best. They love their owners so much, and they would never forget them no matter how long they are apart.

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