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Woman in Florida Rescues Baby Squirrel After Hurricane Ian and the Story Is Too Sweet

Hurricane Ian has wrecked havoc in Florida and will make landfall again soon in South Carolina. There are many tragedies to come from this storm, but one woman is doing her part to limit them by making an unlikely rescue in her yard.

TikTok user @meeya.xo recently shared a video of a baby squirrel she found stranded in passion fruit vines after the hurricane. In the video, the squirrel is weak but alive, and she tries to help the baby regain their strength. Check out the video to see the results of this rescue mission!

Wow, we are so glad this squirrel was found by a loving and compassionate person! It's amazing that this person is taking the time to care for this baby squirrel as they regain their strength. We hope everything turns out well!

People in the comments felt so bad for this baby squirrel! @kat.bl2 said, "Poor baby, his nose looks a bit red . Hope he’s feeling better now!" and @mariahkalhor commented, "All these baby squirrel stories make me so sad, to know they had to go through all that storm!" We hate to think about what happened to the wild animals who weren't able to take shelter.

Others are praising this woman for caring for the baby squirrel. @catmomkim1 commented, "So kind of you to care for him!" and @monycd said, "Thank you for taking care of these babies." It's wonderful to see this woman perform such a selfless and humane act!

The rescuer shared a second video to update everyone on the baby squirrel's recovery progress. In the video, this squirrel, who they have begun to call Bob, seems to be regaining their strength! See how Bob is doing in part 2 below.

This is awesome! We are thrilled to see that Bob is doing better and on the road to recovery. It's wonderful to see stories of animal rescues like this from average people in the affected areas because it shows a bit of human kindness during a scary storm. We hope to see more positive rescue stories like this in the coming days!

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