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Woman 'Babysits' Huge Raccoon and People Are Totally Smitten

We are saying it right now, we are all totally and utterly jealous of this woman who gets to babysit Jack, this totally chonky raccoon. No, we are not fat-shaming Jack, because he's not missing any meals and who can blame him? He is perfect just the way he is, and we would do anything to pet-sit this big beautiful baby. He just looks like the greatest TV watching cuddle buddy ever! 

TikTok user @Bushbabytheraccoon posted this amazing video of Jack and he is everything! And a gigantic party sized bag of chips! 

We would die for him! @TheGeekantiques quotes her husband and says, "That's not a raccoon, that's a snorlax." LOL! @Yolo adds, "IT'S A PILLOW! ITS A PET! IT'S A PILLOW PET!" It totally does resemble a pillow pet. @Juststartscreaming comments, "That's a squishmallow." @Lalaposts, "He's not out of shape. Round is a shape." 

For anyone worried about Jack's health, the intro states that he was a rescue raccoon who was going to be euthanized if no one adopted him. For anyone alarmed at his size, it also says, "He only gets 200 calories a day, he is lazy!" If by "lazy" they mean "adorable, then they are totally correct! 

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