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Woman's Scary Encounter With a Group of Bears Is Quickly Going Viral

It's always important to stay alert when you're out on a hike. No matter what condition - forest, desert, water - there are wildlife animals all around. You need to be cautious and react in an appropriate way that will keep you safe. Of course, that's a lot easier said than done. But this recent TikTok from user @crazyace0210 is a great reminder to really follow your gut.  

It was supposed to be a relaxing summer day out by the lake for this TikTok creator. But instead, a group of bears quickly encroached on her plans and they didn't look happy. She had two options, water or back into the forest and honestly, neither option looked like a clean getaway. Watch what she goes through in this very scary clip. Fair warning, your heart will be pounding the entire time.  

Holy moly! We don't even know how we'd react to that. One thing we do know is that we wouldn't have been as calm as this TikToker was, even though that's how you're supposed to act! "My toxic trait is that I think the bear would like me and want to be friends," commented @Samm Vazquez. We'd think they were trying to go for a swim with us. LOL! But definitely don't act like they're friends if you're ever in this situation! 

"Omg the one at the end that just came charging towards you, my heart would've stopped," wrote @sadbutswag.420. Yeah well, our hearts would've stopped the second we saw them! @stolen.airfryer added, "The audacity of the mom telling you to get away when the cub was the one approaching YOU smh 🙄." You never want to get on mama bear's bad side! She'll do anything to protect her babies. 

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"I'm going to need parts 2, 3, 4, 5, 6," said @jomagarayo. We'll give you at least part 2. She's fine! She wrote in the comments, "Y'all I'm alive." Thank goodness! We were so nervous. But we're still going to need additional parts to find out what happened after the video ended! 

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