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Woman's Unexpected Reaction to Encounter With Black Bear Is Going Viral

Video of a woman having an unusual day has gone viral on the internet. And trust us when we say that this was a weird one. That's because it's not everyday that a Black Bear comes up to you while not in the wild. And while we would definitely be freakin' out, we're so impressed with the way this woman kept her cool.

The video was later shared by TikTok creator @nataliesgeo, who usually shares her life as an adventure photographer. And yep, we definitely would call what happened in this video an adventure. The footage shows the Black Bear approaching a woman who was sitting on a bench outside. The bear gets so close to the woman, but instead of screaming or running away (like we would) she stays still and doesn't make noise. 

Thank goodness her plan worked and the bear eventually walked away. "Did someone lose their dog?" Natalie joked in the video's text overlay.

The comments section was laughing over how relaxed the woman was in the face of a bear. "My toxic trait is that I would have pet it thinking it was a good boy," @kjlowe8 quipped. "Getting too comfortable that bear … gonna be a problem in a future," @masterwinter70 warned. "Chill and talk to Black Bears," @maplelane joked after adding a writing hand emoji. 

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Later in the thread, the TikTok creator reiterated that if you do have an encounter with a bear, the best thing to do is remain calm like her friend did.

"When encountering a Black Bear your safest option is to be gentle and make noise so it doesn’t feel surprised or threatened," she wrote.

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