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Woman Shows How to 'Bond With Your Betta Fish' in New Viral Video

Most people think that fish can't be affectionate pets. But a video on TikTok has us really questioning if that's true. According to a woman on TikTok named Morgan (@olivebranchcottage), there's a way to bond with your Betta Fish and people online were absolutely stunned. 

Morgan showed off her helpful hint in a recent video that went viral online. "I had read that if they come and sit in the palm of your hand and brush their fins against you, then they trust you," she can be heard saying over the footage. So of course, the fish owner put her hand in her Betta's fish tank to see if this was true. 

"It took me about five minutes of me having my hand through the roof of his house for him to trust me," she said. But it worked! The TikToker was so happy with the results that she said she wants to try and teach her fish Moe some tricks in the future.

"Just rinse your hands (no soap) first!" she advised in the caption before trying her trick at home. 

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The comments section couldn't believe their eyes. "Awww this is so cute," @yeehawboo03 wrote. "When I clean mines tank (his name is Honey Mustard) he sits in my hand to be moved to his 'holding cell,'" @kailes64 shared. "You see I would do that BUT I am absolutely terrified of touching fish," @just._.erin added. 

While another commenter claimed they did something amazing. "I trained my fish when it was food time. Two taps on the tank meant food, three meant no more food. Came out every time," @ultimate.lee shared. 

Wow! That's one impressive fish.

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