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Woman's Dedication to Caring for 'Reactive' Rescue Dog Is the Kindness the World Needs

TikTok user @weishaarfam just so happened to stop at the right gas station at the right time on her way home from Florida. She found a sweet mama dog that was adonded at the gas station earlier in the week. The dog continued to hang around the store and that's why this TikTok decided to step in. 

She wanted to take the dog home but was hesitant because she already had reactive rescue dog at home. The TikToker finally decided to bring her anyway. And instead of introducing the dogs, she set up this mama a comfortable space in her garage until she found her a forever home. But the story doesn't end there. Check it out! 

Aww! You can just tell how much this dog needed some love. She's probably so appreciative to be with someone. "As much as I hate seeing dogs being left alone, your garage is defs a luxury for her rn and I feel like she feels safe w one person rn( you)," said @uckencarnt. Absolutely! 

Another TikTok user, @breabie77, added, "The Lord sent you to that gas station, and so just know that Lulu will find her furever home in no time. She is so so sweet 💜💜💜." The world works in the craziest ways and we're certain there was a reason why she stopped at that specific gas station. Lulu's of course that reason. 

"This is so precious thank you for loving her while she waits for a forever home," @kp_866. This is the kindness the world needs. Social media seriously blows us away. The creator wrote that they raised enough money from users to fund this baby's heartworm treatment, spay, booster shots, next heartworm preventative, and next dose of flea and tick. Absolutely amazing! Next up, finding her a forever home.


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