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Woman Reunites With Her Dog After 3 Years Apart in Emotional Video

When you think about the pandemic and pets, you probably think about all the people who adopted or bought a furry friend to keep them company during quarantine. Or how our pets got so used to us being home 24/7. But there is another part to consider when you put the pandemic and pets together. There have been heartbreaking situations where people were away from home, not able to return to their babies. That's what happened with TikTok user @amyybradyy.

This creator was traveling around Australia when Covid-19 stuck and rapidly made its way across the globe. And once it hit, she was stuck in Australia. Fast forward a long, hard three years without her pup and she finally returned home. You'd think after any amount of time apart the dog would be more than excited to see her, but this reunion is a little different. And don't worry, this one will still hit you in all the feels. 

Aww! The fact that she was finally able to come back to her fur baby is emotional enough, but then it took time for the dog to process who it was, ugh. That truly broke our hearts! She did say that her dog was only 6 months old when she left, which is probably why the dog didn't put two and two together. 

To be honest, we were a little surprised at first why she wasn't attacking her dog with hugs and kisses. We would! But TikTok user @coolmama_2 made an excellent point that doing that would most likely scare the pup. "All in good time," she added. There will be plenty of time for snuggling in the future! 

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@keshu21t added, "Thank you for letting her realize who you are with her own temp and not rushing or forcing her into anything...This video is so beautiful." Seriously, so beautiful! @Paula Evans wrote, "This is one of the most emotional lovely videos I have seen so glad you are both together again." We can't imagine how difficult that was for her, but we love a happy ending! 

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