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Moment Woman Reunites With Her Dog After Cancer Treatment Has Us Sobbing

A sad reality that some pet owners might have to come to terms is what will happen with their fur babies if they get sick? You don't even want to think about that reality, but it's better to prepare for whatever might happen. And hopefully, you'll be able to reunite like this woman did with her dog.

TikTok user @johnweth1 recently shared with us the reunion between his wife and their dog. His wife was going through cancer treatments which, unfortunately, meant a friend had to watch their dog. But after 10 long months, they've been reunited. You'll need a tissue for this one!

Ugh, we can't stop crying from this clip. We seriously can't imagine not being with our pups for 10 months on top of having to go through cancer treatment. This strength this couple has is unmatched. We're so happy they have their fur baby back! 

"I'm crying. I'm glad they are together again thank you," wrote @loriplants469. Safe to say that we're all crying over here. This is truly one of the most beautiful reunions we've ever seen. And we bet the two of them will be snuggling 24/7 to make up for the last 10 months. @user2337420216038 added, "So glad you are home and have him back. He will make you feel better! Just hang in there!!" We agree with this times a million! 

Not only was it a heartfelt reunion for this couple, but the dog felt it too. @jaysayzhi said, "That dog so relieved to be with her again." The dog is beaming with excitement. We love a happy ending! 


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