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Woman's Video of the Moment She Fell in Love With Her Precious Puppy Is Going Viral

Puppy love is all too real--whether you're a human or a pup! Those first moments of connection are unmatched by anything else, and every now and then someone is lucky enough to get those moments on film. 

That's exactly what happened to @sir_montgomery_detklaeff--one adorable, midnight-black puppy-- and his new mama. While his mom introduced herself to the entire litter of pups, as you'll see in the clip, Sir Monty waited ever so patiently to start the rest of his life with her. If it sounds like something straight out of a movie, just wait until you see it! 

There's so much going on in this video and it's all pawsitively adorable! Firstly, we would give almost anything to be able to dive our hand into a pile of puppies like Monty's mom got to do. Just imagine the cuteness! But then as the camera pans over to Monty...our hearts just melted. And we're not the only ones!

"He's so calm but his tail is still wagging he's so precious 🥺," @kaela111 said. Isn't he the sweetest? Those eyes and floofy ears are enough to get us wrapped around his paw as it is, but the way "he waited his turn" was the cherry on top. Commenters like @donya.hibbert just loved it--as did we!

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"And boys that s how you get noticed," @denisamoldovan46 wrote in the video's top-liked comment. "😂👌Take notes." Let's say it a little louder for everyone in the back! Manners and sweetness can take you far in life. We suppose this pup is more than deserving of his regal-sounding name! 

If you ask us, this guy knows it, too. He looks pretty dang confident while waiting for his mom's attention to turn to him. Commenter @strangeamygreen said, "he's like 'I don't chase, I attract 😌'," and we couldn't agree more! Clearly, his methods of manifestation are working well for him. 

Happy tails, Sir Montgomery! We can't wait to watch you grow up. 

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