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Woman's Over-the-Top Reaction to Feeding a Zebra Has People in Stitches

There are lots of activities that seem like a great idea until you're actually doing them. For some, that includes feeding zebras and other exotic animals, as one woman learned. 

TikTok creator Selena, who goes by @heyitsboogie on the app, recently posted a clip of her over-the-top reactions while getting face-to-face with some safari animals. This all happened from the comfort of the car as she and her friend Emma explored a drive-thru safari park...though "comfort" is not a word we think Selena would use at that moment. You'll just have to see for yourself!

LMAO! We don't know what kind of reaction we were expecting but it sure wasn't that! Props to Emma for staying calm through the whole endeavor (and thank goodness she was driving), because Selena's rollercoaster of emotions was just too good to look away from. It starts from the moment the camera starts rolling!

"'Oh my god 🥺, you're so pretty 😍, and BIGGGG,' absolutely dying 🤣" wrote @tira_shipman, who has the most-liked comment of the video. It is pretty funny how quickly things go downhill once the zebra approaches her window, and it just gets more chaotic from there. 

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Just like @johnmarc_haddick, who commented "THE FACES HAHHAHA," we are utterly obsessed with Selena's expressions. From fear to confusion and maybe a bit of excitement, there's a little bit of it all in her dramatic faces. 

"I am begging y’all to pause this video at any point," wrote @doodlegirll. "You will never get a bad frame. You will never be disappointed." Please. Try this. It's as funny as the video itself!!

Of course, we can't talk about her facial expressions without giving her fantastic vocal ability some credit. @Catty.tyers loved it too, commenting, "the scream and then zebra screaming back killed me 🤣😭," while @lemonade.caprisun gushed, "the whisper scream 'what’re you doing' took me out 😭." Us, too! Every moment in this video is truly pure gold. 

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