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Woman's Frantic Reaction After Cat Brings Chipmunk Into the House Goes Viral

It seems like animals are always up to something while outside. Some are on the hunt and others like to play by picking up sticks or rolling in the grass. Outdoor cats, on the other hand, tend to get into some trouble. There's always a surprise with what cats try to bring into the house, and this new viral video from TikTok user @knotshy is no different. 

The video has over 21.2 million views and 3.4 million likes. "Get a cat they say..." it starts. She then opens the front door to let in her cat named Luna. She was in for the surprise of her life when Luna comes inside with a little chipmunk in her mouth! Check out her reaction and how she handled the situation.  

Where do you even start in a situation like that!? It's hilarious to hear her go from "No Luna!" to "Get it Luna!" TikTok user @nikitalove381 laughed and compared this situation to a famous cartoon. "This is better than Tom and Jerry!" @Peace Davetats added, "Luna was scared, too 😂," to which the creator replied, "It jumped on her back and ran up the stairs 😂." Who do you think was the most scared, the chipmunk, Luna, or the mom!?

"I'm mad she just looked at it. like girl you brought it in," said @iamthe1code. Luna should be the one to bring the chipmunk back outside, right? Well, turns out the cat was no help.

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Luna's mom posted a follow-up video in how she got the chipmunk out of the house. This video also reached viral levels with nearly 2 million views. Spoiler alert: it took 2 hours! 

"I would've watched a whole 10 minutes of this 😂," wrote @Sidd. Us too! Can't wait to see what friend Luna brings home next! 

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