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Video of Woman Giving Hedgehog an Oil Bath Has People Amazed

A woman and her rescue hedgehog. What more can you need? Ever since Hollie Warren found her little "hoggie" Nugget while walking home from work one day, she's worked hard to help the sick animal. Now people are amazed by the oil bath routine the hog-mama came up with for Nugget. Here's hoping she returns to full health!

As Warren (@hollieakala) explained earlier on her page, poor Nugget has mange, a parasitic infection on the skin, and lost all of her quills.  Which is why she started her on this new routine. "Oil bath time, I started by doing this daily, but now that her skin's a lot better," she wrote in the video's caption. "I do it every three to four days." The TikToker was so gentle as she carefully brushes oil on Nugget. And the process is absolutely fascinating. 

People in the comments section were happy to see Nugget doing better than ever. "She looks so much better!!!" @messica_77 wrote. "Omg the stretch," @alizarrd added. "The stretch after the back rubs," @720.exe commented, before adding a crying emoji. 

Although some people had no idea it was a hedgehog at first. "Oh my I thought this is a clay ball, so cute," wrote. "I thought it was an avocado until it stretched out.." @jessicajimenez68 joked. "Tell me why I thought that was a ball of slime or clay or dough?" @katvolk27 wondered.

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That's okay, Nugget. One day, you'll get back to your spikey self.

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