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Video of Woman Stopping to Help Lost Dog Reminds Us to Be Kind

As pet parents ourselves, we know how terrifying and nerve-wracking it is to search for a lost pet. We hate to think of our babies alone, scared, and in danger without us. This is why we always try to help reunite lost dogs with their owners, like one kind woman did.

TikTok user @louis_thepomsky recently shared a video of a lost dog she came across while out for a drive. In the video, this woman gets out of the car and befriends the dog before coaxing him into her car and driving him around the neighborhood to find his owner. Check out the video to see the outcome of this rescue mission!

Awww, we are so glad this pup was reunited with his owner and little sister! This dog seems so sweet, it is such a relief that he was found by someone trustworthy. This is a fantastic ending to the story!

People in the comments praised this woman for her good deed. @dirude2 said, "Thank you very much for helping," and @skaya.siberian commented, "Awww, my heart. You did so good!" It's truly an amazing deed this woman did! We know we would be so thankful if this was our pup.

Others gushed over this precious pup. @koala72613 commented, "OMG! Awww, what a sweet baby!" and @izzysthoughts_92 said, "Look at the handsome guy!" This dog truly is the cutest. We might have been tempted to keep him if we found him!

We are so happy that this dog is safe and reunited with his family. It is so dangerous for dogs to wander around by themselves because of the risk of being hit by a car, attacked larger animals, or picked up by someone with ill intentions. We are sure this pup's owner is going to keep a close eye on him now!

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